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The Group of Seven Trail

The Group of Seven Lake Superior Trail Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the rugged beauty of the Lake Superior region. The group takes its name from the famous Group of Seven Canadian landscape artists who were inspired by the beauty of this region.


The association works to maintain and improve hiking trails in the Lake Superior area, as well as to promote environmental education and conservation efforts. They also organize guided hikes, educational programs, and other events to encourage people to get out and explore the natural beauty of the region.


Overall, the Group of Seven Lake Superior Trail Association is a great resource for anyone interested in hiking and exploring the natural beauty of this stunning region of North America.

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Our Purpose


Connecting a land trail from Pukaskwa National Park to Neys Provincial Park to celebrate the beauty of Lake Superior shown through the paintings of the Group of Seven


Supporting locals and visitors of Marathon in their explorations of the North Shore.


Growing together, hiking together, exploring together. Creating opportunities for Marathon to grow and evolve.

The History of the Trail

The Group of Seven Lake Superior Trail Association was established in 2015 when it was discovered by Marathon’s Economic Development Corporation, that the Group of Seven had visited the area 8 times from 1921-1928. Kirsten Spence, the Project Coordinator and Bob Hancherow, President, began working together to develop and maintain the existing trail systems as part of an Economic Development Project. 

Since then, the trail has grown to over 42 kilometers and is close to being completed with the goal to connect Pukaskwa National Park through to Neys Provincial Park while allowing visitors to witness the landscapes that were painted by the Group of Seven over 100 years ago.

Want to get involved?

We have opportunities for summer internships helping with trail maintenance and expansion. Paid and Volunteer positions available.


Would you like to learn how to build hiking trails according to the National Mountain Bike Association standard? Contact us today to learn about volunteering or working to build new trails in Marathon. 


Are you looking for a job in trails? Are you interested in creating more outdoor recreation opportunities in Marathon? Are you a local business hoping to join our G7 Supportive Businesses Program to expand your horizons, partnerships and help to create more tourism in Marathon? We would love to help you. 


Would you like to make a donation to the trail? Volunteer? Join a committee or board? Contact us today about different ways YOU can support the Group of Seven Trail project.