Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find a map of the G7 Trail?

We are currently working on a new interactive app that will be launching soon. It will include all of our mapping, access points and painting site information. In the meantime, use our “Explore the Trail” segment of the website to find access points, trail information and a map of the overall trail. For more information, contact us through our form. 

What are the most popular trail segments on the G7 Trail?

Painter’s Peak, The Coastal Trail, Mink Creek Falls Trail and Peninsula Hill Trail are some of our most popular trail locations. Our other segments are also worth checking out: Lunam Lookout Trail, Hawk’s Ridge Trail, Kwewiskaning (Temporarily closed) and our Heron Bay to Marathon section. 

Where are the best places in Marathon to stay?

Check out our “What’s Nearby” section of the website to see a list of our recommended accommodations, tourism outlets, restaurants and retail locations. These are all local businesses that are registered in our G7 Supportive Business Program and can assist you on our travels to the area. 

What is the best time of year to travel to Marathon?

Anytime of year in Marathon is outstanding, however we may be biased. We recommend travelling in Spring or Fall in order to avoid our most buggy seasons. However, if you don’t mind bugs during your hiking or camping seasons early May to late October are great times to come and enjoy the region and our warmer climates.