The Group of Seven Trail Completes Duncan Creek Staircase Build

by Kirsten Spence

DUNCAN CREEK STAIRCASE – In August, we completed a retaining wall style staircase leading down to Duncan Creek on the Coastal Trail. This bank stabilization project will reduce erosion and allow easier passage for hikers down to Cummins Beach. The project was completed by Jim Houston Construction with labour from our Trail Crew. Funding was provided by Trans Canada Trail, Town of Marathon and fundraising by Group of Seven Trail. We also had in-kind services of surveying and materials donated by Superior Survey. We thank the Town for removing the barrier rock to allow access for bringing materials to the site. The section of Coastal Trail between the Boat Launch and Cummins Beach is seeing a lot of use by local people. There is still some quad use that needs to be solved but the enhancements made by the Public Works Department in 2022 and the trail extension to Carden Cove has been a fantastic addition to the trail system in Marathon.

To donate to support the Duncan Creek Staircase Build, please visit our “Ways to Help” page to make a contribution to this project.

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